5x favourite places to brunch in de Pijp, Amsterdam
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6x brunch in de Pijp

For me, the best thing to do during the weekend is catching up with family or friends for a big brunch. And luckily there are a lot of options in my neighbourhood. De Pijp got’s it all; smashed avocado, corn fritters, mackerel and salmon (all great ingredients to tame your hangover). The greatest thing about brunch? Your options are doubled (breakfast + lunch, right?), you can stay (and talk) forever, it’s the perfect moment to try out the biggest meal on the menu (extras included), it gives you the opportunity to try out new places and last but definitely not least; it brings your Instagram to new highlights ;-). My favourite meal? Sourdough bread with the chunkest smashed avocado, salmon and on top a poached egg + a good cappuccino and fresh orange juice. Here’s a list of my top 6 favourite places to brunch in de Pijp. Enjoy!
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